Thursday, May 29, 2014

Rising Awareness

By Abigail Clarke: Contributing Content Blogger 

It astonishes me when I think of the rise in awareness toward cyber bullying and other cyber hate crimes. There is so much great work done now to spread the word and expose the problem. More people today know about the life consuming nature of cyber hate than ever before in history and the number is growing. I've not got the numbers, but it may appear cyber hate crimes and the resulting deaths caused by them are increasing and this is spite of all the progress. Any monumental problem requires monumental effort to tackle it. Hope is not lost! This is one of the primary reasons the Global Institute for Cyber Safety and Standards was established. The importance of sustaining the momentum set well in motion throughout the world is to not only uncover injustices terrorising our children and other internet users, but to offer a launch pad for fighting the issue head on. Through education, we are reaching millions, but education alone may not be enough. We must inspire people who hear the message, to act.  This is an age old difficulty that can be seen even in the chambers of lawmakers in all countries.

Certain countries are getting tough by passing laws that hold cyber terrorists accountable for the damage they cause. It is not as easy as it sounds. The majority of countries are still concerned about the overall effect such laws will have on their citizens and are thus hesitant to implement anything similar. Those bold enough to pioneer new laws governing cybercrimes are true global leaders. They set a precedent for the rest, allowing others a front row seat as to their effectiveness.