Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Don't Feel Intimidated When Reporting Online Abuse To Police

By Carolyn Davies, Contributing Content Blogger

If you are considering approaching police to file a report about online abuse, you may feel intimidated and worried you will not be taken seriously. That's common but do not let it keep you from seeking the help you need and deserve. Police want to help victims but some facilities, areas, and countries are still catching up to technologically committed crimes. Here is a link victims might well find helpful and though geared toward the UK police process the same should well apply elsewhere.

Remember, the more evidence you have to provide police the more able they are to deal with the online crimes committed against you. Do not delete voice mails, text messages, emails, or social media posts and if abuse is posted online be sure you screenshot and print it before it can be deleted and you lose that evidence before the police can review it.