Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Pattern of Internet Mobbing

By David Simms, Senior Contributor
The Global Institute for Cyber Safety and Standards
Internet mobbing is defined as a repeated pattern of negative intrusive violational behaviour carried out against one or more targets and is the phrase most used in continental Europe as opposed to bullying. Mobbing consists of a host of damaging behaviours including constant criticism, refusal of valuing and acknowledging, undermining, discrediting, and humiliation of a targeted individual. 
Every mob has a leader who is either an extrovert or introvert. If this person is an extrovert, it is usually obvious who is inciting and coercing members of the group. However, if the leader is an introvert type, they are likely to be acting behind the scenes manipulating group members into harassing the selected target – introvert bullies are much more dangerous than extrovert types. 
In a mobbing situation, the leader typically incites supporters, copycats, or inexperienced, immature, and emotionally needy individuals with poor values, to engage in actions against a selected target. Once they do this, the chief harasser will often feel a strong sense of gratification and empowerment knowing they are causing such adversarial interactions. This is a salient feature of people with psychopathic personality. 
One technique used by psychopathic bullies is to empower lesser bullies by enticing them to positions of power and authority – things they crave. Once installed, the lesser bully’s lack of competence makes them dependent on the chief psychopath, resulting in a state of willing compliance. One characteristic of those lower down in the mob is that they lack the intellect to understand the nature and manner of their compliant subservience. But it is usually these that a targeted individual is deceived into fighting, blaming and trying to hold accountable, rather than the group leader responsible for the attack. One of the primary reasons psychopathic mob leaders get away with their behaviour repeatedly is that nobody would believe they could be capable of such viciousness.