Monday, June 2, 2014

Risky business

By Abigail Clarke: Contributing Content Blogger 

Cyber victims around the world need to know they are not alone!  There are people out there who understand this problem and can be trusted. They need to know there are still people with integrity and honor. The abusive and hateful nature we see on the internet today is a result of people allowed too much freedom.  Human nature tends toward chaos and lawlessness when not governed. Laws must be in place to give society structure, and they are in place for a multitude of other situations already. The internet however is not structured as much as it should be and lacks proper laws that would prevent the heartache and severe damage occurring in people’s lives right now worldwide.  

Adults act like children and children act like reckless adults. Existing cyber laws vary from country to country and in many cases are lacking completely. There is no international governance and no consistency. How then can we expect people to be kind to one another when they have the avenue to unleash their own pent up pain and self hate against others they don’t even know and in many cases they can do it without being identified.