Thursday, June 19, 2014

Creating Mentors

By David Simms, Senior Contributor

Since the dawning of the digital age, computer technology and now the blossoming internet have come so far. Unfortunately along with its splendor and wonder, we must also accept the monumental amount of negativity and hate that is regularly rippled throughout the fabric of cyberspace. Hate that erodes away the integrity of the human spirit.  Though we may not be ourselves victims directly, we can still be affected by the mere observation of damage happening to others. We all lose! Cyber harassment, bullying, stalking, hate, are all aspects of the larger category of cybercrime.  These crimes are executed at more elevated rates than has ever been seen and on a wider scope than has ever been seen.  The problem has exploded internationally reaching to nearly all communities.  It is for this reason the Global Institute was created. It is a work dedicated to providing not only a safe haven for those under attack but also an opportunity for those with heart, to become involved and give of themselves to help fellow brothers and sisters. We have been working to consolidate information from a multitude of countries to our website in an effort to show the world it is not an isolated problem. Although every country has its own set of laws, constraints, cultural challenges, economic challenges, and so forth, there is value in sharing each other’s challenges, so that we can find a common thread and common identity. It is only then that it can be fully addressed and conquered. 

The problem of cybercrime is happening everywhere. Therefore communities and individuals need the tools to protect and heal themselves before they can then move to help others. It is our goal to write so that people will see, speak so that people will hear, and educate so that they will do. Our mentorship program was established for this purpose. Mentors possess the training to help victims of cyber-crime where it matters. We try to align victims with mentors sharing similar cultural backgrounds however, it is not always necessary as the crimes of cyber-hate transcend culture. To our fortune, we have been blessed with wonderful resources and exceptional individuals who are committed to training our mentors. To these incredible people we owe much and it is through them that our faith in humanity is regained.  It is our sincere desire that you join us if not as a mentor, as a supporter of what we stand for.