Sunday, August 31, 2014

Post Code Lottery in the UK?

By David Simms, Senior Contributor

In the United Kingdom, there have been many reports suggesting that the authorities do not crack down equally on cyber-crime depending on the region. The large disparity in support and interest taken by law enforcement has led many citizens to begin calling the situation a ‘post-code lottery’ despite clear national ordinances addressing the issue for all communities. The general consensus seems to be that the police are not interested at all in cases of online harassment. Maybe this is because, with the current state of the system, cyber cases are still very difficult to prosecute.

Law enforcement in different countries has been dealing with crime in a traditional sense for so long it appears some are slipping behind the times.  Along with development of new technologies, there has been a social evolution taking place at an exponential rate.  This means that crimes and the way they are committed, are changing faster than society or law enforcement can deal with effectively. When the nature of crime changes as it has with the growth of the internet, law enforcement must accommodate accordingly. The fact is, law enforcement has the means to identify, apprehend and prosecute cyber offenders but they are still operating to a large degree within a system that is outdated. It is also a fact that officials in current decision-making positions are from an older generation accustomed to dealing with things a particular way. This can be a source of hindrance and constraint for officers on the ground. 

We live in a world where technology can easily become obsolete within 6 months so it critical that our protectors stay current and equipped with the latest technology available but just as importantly, that they are educated and knowledgeable about the way criminals think in today’s world.