Wednesday, June 11, 2014

On Guard Online

By Carolyn Davies, Contributing Content Blogger

The American U.S. federal government has a website called,, and is designed to help citizens be safe online. The purpose of the site is to educate about cyber issues and offer tools in preventing offenses before they start. The site appears to have a range of information geared toward parents, educators, and others to help prevent cyberbullying and other offenses made through technology. Resources can be downloaded or sent out in hard-copy form.  

The following link is a video posted on the site aimed at younger children and talking about the very basics of cyberbullying.

This is the right idea and there is still so much that people need to be educated on about this troubling issue.  In getting to the root of the problem and finding solutions to it, education needs to begin very early in life.  Cyber harassment in all its forms, is a social problem that will require concerted efforts between parents, teachers, and any youth organisation and so I commend the efforts behind websites such as this. Please watch and share.